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Sabadì (sounding similar to Saturday in Italian) is:

… perhaps the day that does not exist… the day when we slow down, we reflect on what is really important…

Closer to Tunisia than to Rome, this haven of organic produce sits right on the southern most tip of Sicily. A family-owned business, they have been benchmarks of quality for decades, ever since they brought out their “cioccolato di Modica”, a fair-trade chocolate bar to ‘bring a little magic inside” to the children of their village. Modica chocolate is famed for having been the first chocolate in Europe to have achieved a protected denomination status (PGI).

Like many Italians, the Sabadi staff champion their own town above all others and truly believe in the preservation of both the natural world and the stunning architecture in Modica itself…definitely worth shouting about 

We are offering their organic cordials here, which are made entirely from freshly squeezed fruit, processed moments after it has been harvested by hand, in order to retain as much freshness and mineral content as possible. They require dilution, with either sparkling or still water and will keep in the fridge open for well over a fortnight. We are also selling the bespoke and extremely cute glassware that Sabadi make to show you the exact measurements for dilution every time!

Their flavour is remarkably vibrant, fresh and nothing that we expect from most boring cordials in the U.K. We would recommend getting a few of these bottles in if you are planning on attempting a dry month this year!

All raw materials used come from fair trade producers and working towards principles of the Slow Food movement with respect for small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity.