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Do You Cater For Dietary
requirements & allergens?

All known allergens are listed on the website and where possible, on the product label – but we cannot guarantee the absence of trace elements of nuts. Due to the nature of our production we are unable to modify individual dishes to order unless otherwise specified.

If you’re not sure about something please ask –

The menu, as ever, is constantly developing and we would be really
glad to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Do you sell vouchers or can I
use vouchers against my order?

We do sell vouchers – please see here

You will be able to pay for your online order with a voucher, even for a partial amount. If you are having any trouble doing so, please give us a call or email.

Vouchers are also redeemable in the restaurant and we can send to any email address, as a digital file format, that you choose.

There is a technical problem with
the website, what should I do?

Please email us on describing the technical issue with as much detail as possible, including a screenshot of the issue.

Press enquiries

If you want to write about us, please send us an email at

What is your recycling & waste policy?

We use, wherever possible compostable or recyclable packaging for all of our products. Please follow regular recycling techniques, rinsing packaging well before adding to the recycling bags.

Our local radius deliveries are made with pedal bike and our bike was purchased through a Zero-emissions cycling firm.

With an eye on nationwide delivery, we will endeavour to seek out an emissions-conscious firm to partner with.

We recycle all major categories in the restaurant, including our food waste, which is weighed on a daily basis to minimise landfill contributions.

What changes have been made to limit vulnerability to COVID-19?

We will adhere to government guidelines on social distancing and heighten our already stringent hygiene measures to offer both our customers and staff a safe, secure and convivial space to once again enjoy Brawn’s cuisine and each other’s company.

Social distancing will be in place at the shop, restaurant and on all delivery routes. Small tweaks have been made to the building design & structure to allow for safer interaction. Toilets are now for the exclusive use of staff and all our staff are recording their temperatures and symptoms on a twice daily basis. Handwashing and intensive cleaning schedules are in place and followed stringently.

These are challenging times for us all but we are thrilled to have a reopening in sight and with this new business model, are certain we can continue serving our local community in much the same way.