The Real Alternative Wine Glossary – Doug Wregg


Wine dictionaries are typically the stuff of nightmares. In Wregg’s own words, “There are wine dictionaries. And there are wine dictionaries. This is the latter.”

Doug Wregg of Les Caves has created this encyclopaedic expedition through the world of natural wines: The Real Alternative Wine Glossary, a concise, precious thing, aimed at wine-nerds, aspiring wine-nerds, or anyone who wants to “spice up their wine lingo with the latest, greatest and certainly most obscure wine terminology.”

The dictionary reads more like a comic thanks to original cartoons by Michel Tolmer (author and illustrator of Mimi, Fifi and Glouglou: A Short Treatise on Tasting, a short, comical retelling of actual conversations the author has overheard in wine shops.).



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