Nebrodi Salsicce


Approx 190g

The Nero dei Nebrodi pig takes 2 years to mature to the small size of just 130kg – of which 70% is fat. Not a viable proposition to most farmers but in the Nebrodi mountains of northern Sicily their numbers are growing. The Agostino family have taken on the challenge because the meat of these pigs is so fabulous. Acorns, beechnuts, wild herbs, buckthorn, berries and tubers are plentiful in their 70 hectare enclosure so the pigs don’t generally need their diet supplementing and they live wild for most of their 24 months, the sows only coming off the mountain sides to farrow.

They travel up to 30kms a day looking for food so their meat is dark and full of flavour. In this Salsiccia it is seasoned with wild fennel seeds and whole black peppercorns. We love the soft texture and deeply aromatic flavour.

Serve it centre stage with some caponata and a caper salad for a real Sicilian experience.



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