RAKOOKOO | Chilli & Tomato Sambal



A bright and fresh tasting sambal, with sweetness from the tomatoes and soured by the addition of tamarind balancing the chilli kick. Found on the Indonesian table. 🌶🌶

SAMBAL is a condiment that is essentially a combination of pounded chillies and spices.  It is  fundamental to Malaysian, Singaporean & Indonesian cooking.

Typically goes with:
Nasi Goreng – Indonesia’s famous fried dish

Works well with:
Any kind of egg or rice dish | curry | grilled vegetables | marinade for fish, chicken or meat

Recipe suggestion:
Halve aubergine lengthways, score the flesh and fry in a pan on both sides until aubgergine is browned and softened. Spoon sambal over the flesh side of the aubergine and place under the grill for a few minutes. Top with herbs, nuts and/or crispy shallots and a sice of rice. (vegan)

Ingredients & Allergens

Chilli, tomato, shallots, garlic, ginger, tamarind, sugar, salt, pepper, vegetable oil (Vegan)

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