RAKOOKOO | Chilli & Shrimp Paste Sambal



A very savoury sambal due to the inclusion of the umami rich shrimp paste.  Found in Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean cooking. 🌶

SAMBAL is a condiment that is essentially a combination of pounded chillies and spices.  It is  fundamental to Malaysian, Singaporean & Indonesian cooking.

Typically goes with:
Nasi Lemak – a Malaysian dish of fragrant coconut rice, egg and anchovy

Works well with:
Fried eggs on toast | Fried rice | Stir fried noodles | Congee (rice porridge)

Recipe suggestion:
Marinate chicken thighs in sambal and grill.  Serve with steamed rice, your favourite greens and a dollop of sambal.


Ingredients & Allergens

Chilli, Shallots, Garlic, Ginger, Shrimp Paste (Crustaceans), Lime, Fish Sauce, Salt, Sugar, Coconut Oil


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