Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold, Maurice Moore (12-Inch), Melodies International


Melodies International – Sam Shepherd aka ‘Floating Points’ started Melodies International in 2015 as a brand new reissue label whose soul aim is to share very special and relatively undiscovered sounds. With his roots digging in dusty crates and dingy basements, this is music that few ears have been lucky enough to hear before. These sounds of modern soul, disco and boogie come on when the restaurant is at full tilt. You’ll regularly find Sam at the bar, or with friends at the table, taking a break from his studio around the corner with a plate of anchovies and a glass of something delicious. A man of many talents, aside from his deep musical credentials, Sam is also a very fine pastry cook. Lockdown for us was filled with the best tarts, tourtes, biscuits and pastries. Who knows, we may twist his arm to get some ‘Shepherd’s Pies’ on the menu.

Maurice Moore, Everything that Shines ain’t Gold

MEL007, Maurice Moore’s ethereal Hammond bass soul anthem “Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold”, is pressed as a 12-inch, with parts 1 and 2 from the original 7-inch merged on one side, the FP edit on the flip and comes with a 16 page Melozine. A multi-instrumentalist, the talented Moore grew up in Chicago listening to music from the local scene, including the likes of Etta James, Boe Diddly and Chuck Berry. Unable to pay for guitar lessons, Moore learned what a major, a minor and a 7th chord were from his uncle and went from there.

After opening for legendary acts such as James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic and Kool & the Gang, Moore and his band went on to record their debut album in 1976 before he took a back seat in the 80s to focus on the business side of things – a period when he fell in love with the process of bringing amazing music to the world. To this day, this record holds true to his passion. Written in 20 minutes, “Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold” gains a new lease of life on MEL007 – exactly 40 years after its original 1977 release.

A – Maurice Moore – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold (Part One and Two)

B – Maurice Moore – Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold (Floating Points Edit)


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