Feints, Evan & (Ruth) Lewandowski Wines, 2019


Evan makes the wine in Utah from exclusively Italian varietals. We’re told the grapes are then transported, religiously, via horse/cart to base in California. But, who is Ruth?

“Ruth is a concept more than a living, breathing individual. A concept born out of the affiliation of my own philosophies of farming and winemaking…a deeper,  depiction of the natural cycle of death and redemption….’Death is, indeed, the engine of life’…..

Evan sees the regeneration of the life of his organic soils only happening once everything degenerates into broken down carbon-based items. A natural fermentation is the building up and dying off of multiple strains of yeast and bacteria, each paving the way for the next strain to take over (and each leaving their altogether unique signatures of flavor, aroma, and textural compounds).


The wine is slightly less conceptual and ponderous in its soifability….crunchy, tart red fruits pressed off after full carbonic maceration gives a bouncy, sprightly-stepped profile to the wine. It really oozes the earth on which it was grown, a very stony, chalky hillside in Utah. Nothing added, this is a party bottle to celebrate good times together, whether in the same room or the same Zoom.


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